Engage version 8.4 brings enhancements to newsletter reminder notifications and full visibility into content credit balances and transaction history.


  • New newsletter reminders! New newsletter notifications have been added to proactively remind clients of upcoming distributions and deadlines for modifications or approvals.
    • Existing draft publish notification now includes explicit reminder of the need to have all modifications submitted 72 hours prior to a desired distribution date in order to have them completed properly and reviewed for quality
    • A new notification was added to remind recipients to submit modifications 10 days prior to a scheduled distribution
    • A new notification was added for all unapproved drafts to be approved 2 days prior to schedule distribution
  • Content credit balance visibility and history log. 
    • Content credit balances for your account are now displayed when licensing assets so you know exactly how many credits are available and what the current asset you're viewing will require.
    • A licensing history log is also available for those with Admin, Editor and Publisher roles within account settings. Here you can see when assets were licensed, by who, and the affect on the account's overall balance.
    • Admins can also request additional credits directly within Engage if their balance is running low.


  • Account lock expiration - To protect against brute force attempts to compromise Engage accounts, user accounts will now lock after 6 consecutive failed logins within a 5 minute period. The lock will remain in place for 15 minutes or can be reset by Questline Client Success staff.

  • Preference Center performance - Optimizations were made to the overall speed and performance of preference center


  • Fixed an issue where the List Name was not being shown on a scheduled import summary view

  • Fixed an issue where very large time on page values would cause content reporting to fail

  • Last modified date for lists is now updated when a list is modified or deleted for auditing purposes