Engage version 8.3 includes enhancements to the login and password reset experiences, click domain whitelabeling and other minor enhancements.


  • Improved Login and Password Reset Experience
    • Numerous enhancements to improve the customer experience when working with logins, password resets, and profile changes.
      • Forgot password reset token expiration extended from 30 min to 24 hrs
      • Automated password expiration based on time period removed
      • Show password toggle functionality added to login and profile edit screens
      • Email notifications for new accounts and forgot password resets revised for clarity
      • New account reactivation email notification added
      • Accessibility enhancements for screen readers and other assistance technology
      • Improved on-page messaging
      • Enhancements to prevent mistaken generation of multiple reset tokens, effectively expiring them prior to receiving
  • Click domain whitelabeling
    • Now available within a private sender reputation is a private click domain used for wrapping links to track engagement. Previously, all sender reputation profiles utilized the clicks.questline.com domain.
    • Shared mailstream click domains adjusted to match sending domain (e.g. engagemsg.com and energyemails.com)


  • Scheduled Import and Export enhancements - Redesigned flow and interactions when dealing with scheduled imports and exports in Engage to allow for enhanced visibility, ongoing monitoring, and editing of existing automations.

  • Defer attribute added to interactive content JS references in API embed propertyTo prevent issues with the loading of jquery by a consuming page after the interactive content loads, the defer attribute was added to Javascript references included in interactive content embed property calls.

  • Article summary added to API embed property - For clients who wish to display the article summary on their page, the summary was added and hidden by default. CSS or CMS integration configurations can be used to toggle visibility.

  • "You may also enjoy" text removed from NL template - One built-in newsletter template included a headline of "You may also enjoy" as a lead-in to non-hero articles. Remvoed based on client feedback that all newsletter content may not be intended for enjoyment, such as COVID-19 related information.

  • Deep linking support within Engage - Engage now supports deep linking to individual pages without specifying an account. If an account is not specified, the user is taken directly to their latest visited account. 

  • Newsletter Viewer role content access - Now allow Newsletter Viewer roles to browse and search Engage content catalog from the Content screen.

  • API access to content restricted - API content endpoints are now restricted only to licensed content for an account.

  • Ad-hoc newsletters - Ability for Questline operations to schedule and work with an ad-hoc newsletter outside the flow of normal base draft publishing


  • Fixed an issue in content reporting where the last hour of a date range filter was being excluded.

  • Fixed an incorrect timezone label when scheduling standard campaign sends for the future. The label was appearing incorrectly as EST instead of displaying the customer's selected time zone preference that was actually being used for scheduling.

  • Removed new list and upload list buttons from visibility for Newsletter Editor role that does not have access to add subscribers