The release of Engage version 8.2 includes new expanded content reporting and various minor bug fixes.


  • Expanded Content Reporting
    Questline has expanded the robust Engage analytical capabilities to include more detailed reporting around customer engagement with content in all platforms including:
    • Newsletters
    • Engage-hosted public URLs
    • Engage Sites
    • Utility web sitesĀ 
    • Social media
    • through theĀ API
    • CMS widgets like Drupal and Wordpress

The new reporting includes more data and new analysis tools. Some of the questions you can now easily answer include:

  • How many customers are viewing my content?
  • How long do they spend on the page?
  • Do they spend more time with videos, infographics or articles?
  • How much of the video do they actually watch?
  • Are customers clicking on the program and service promotion links I've put into articles?
  • Where are they coming from? Are they following a direct link in an email or links from my website and social media?
  • What categories of content are my customers most engaged with?
  • And much more...


  • Resolved an issue with excluded collections appearing where they should not

  • Fixed the dashboard scheduled sends chart to display correct 7 days

  • Content/API links without a space ID or brand were not functioning

  • No longer counting credits of child items towards collection total cost

  • Resolved an issue with multiple subscriber specific sections in a newsletter template

  • Resolved a display error on click map PDF download