If you or a customer were supposed to receive an email or it's missing, here are a few steps in priority order we recommend trying.

Check Subscriber Activity

The activity log shows you the individual subscriber’s opens (including implied opens), sends, clicks, and, bounces. An undeliverable or bounced email is one that never arrives at the recipient’s mail server. When an email is sent through Engage, a recipient's email server either accepts or rejects the message. If the email server rejects the email, a bounce message is returned by the ISP to explain why they are unable to deliver the email to the intended address. 

Check List Membership

The Subscribers section is used to manage subscriber records, edit or view their information and attributes, or view their history, subscriptions, opt-out preferences, and what Lists or Automated Campaigns they belong to. The Subscribers area is also where new subscribers can be added. The Lists tab for an individual subscriber displays the Lists that the individual is assigned to.

Check the Sent List

These values represent the number of emails sent out to subscribers on the send, and the number that were actually delivered, rather than bouncing. The number shown for each of these rows is a link to a detailed report of the subscriber sent/delivered events and the time sent or delivered. Click on the Sent list and search for the subscriber.

Check Your Junk Folder

Email providers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) check all incoming mail to decide whether they'll consider it valid email worth delivering to their subscribers, or whether it's spam email to be blocked, bounced, or delivered to a spam or junk mail folder rather than the recipient's inbox. 


If you send to a group of people at one company (including your own utility), and they aren't getting the emails, it's probably due to an email firewall or corporate spam filtering. Email firewalls and corporate spam filters don't like it when multiple people at one company get the same email at the same time. They often view this as suspicious spam behavior and it can cause messages to be blocked. Questline sees this often when sending newsletters or other campaigns to many internal utility employees.