The release of Engage version 8.1 includes a new home screen dashboard with expanded functionality, content credit cost visibility within Content, and various bug fixes and behind-the-scenes enhancements.


  • Improved Engage Dashboard
    • An expanded home page dashboard is displayed on login with content and links to common functionality. New features include:
      • Newsletter draft visibility by group
      • Upcoming sending visualization
      • Recently added or featured content
      • Annual email engagement overview
      • Campaign performance across all three campaign types
      • Expanded recent sends with comparison metrics

  • Content Credit Visibility on Content Assets and Collections
    • Content credit cost is now visible for all individual assets and collections
    • Future releases will display contracted credits you have purchased and a count of remaining


  • Expanded Residential Newsletter Content - Beginning with the May drafts, Residential base newsletter drafts now include four content assets as a standard.

  • Duplicate Email Message-IDs - Intentional duplicate emails sent within a single campaign send will now include distinct Message-ID headers. This will prevent false filtering by mailbox providers when they detect duplicate Message-IDs to the same recipient address.

  • Content Licensing Clarity - The message displayed when licensing content has been expanded to provide further clarity regarding licensing rights included under a Questline Newsletter or Content agreement.

  • Content Licensing and Editing Permissions - Split Content Licensing and Modification permissions into two distinct feature permissions to allow for licensing without editing rights.


  • Fixed an issue where all bounces on the Total Bounce report were reported as type "Block".

  • Corrected an error that occurred when attempting to edit an existing automated campaign in an account without an sms number assigned. The error no longer occurs.

  • Resolved an issue where unpublished article changes made to catalog assets were visible within Engage Content discoverability. Only published versions of content are visible.