The following types of content assets are currently available in Engage:

  • Article: Text articles cover energy topics that benefit from detailed explanations. Every text article includes a hero image.
  • Infographic: These illustrated images provide quick, clear explanations of topics that benefit from a visual presentation.
  • Interactive: Quizzes, games or calculators that require the input of customers are designed to be fun and entertaining as well as educational.
  • Media Essay: These list-type articles, presented on a single page, include a photo or illustration and brief caption to accompany each item.
  • Slideshow: Slideshows add interactivity to topics that are covered as lists or a series of items, each with a caption and image for customers to click through.
  • Social Media: A social-ready image, animated gif or video includes a short and long caption created to be shared across social media platforms.
  • Video: Using live action or animation, videos are a highly effective format for clearly and concisely explaining complex issues.

Within the Engage catalog, all of the above assets are organized into Collections:

  • Collection: A group of content assets selected by Questline's content team to solve a specific utility communication challenge. Collections address utility programs, seasonal customer engagement or other energy topics. Some Collections include multiple asset types and some focus on a single type of asset.