The release of Engage version 8.0 includes a complete redesign of content, the introduction of collections and social media as an asset content type, and the ability to view the subscribers on a specific list in Engage.


    Content Discoverability

  • All content is now visible for all accounts and most users (depending on role). You are no longer restricted by audience or energy type.
  • Engage now includes "Collections" of content, assets grouped around a particular topic, theme or time of year. Collections include their own thumbnail images.
  • Social media posts are now content types, available for standalone use or linked to an associated article, infographic or video.

  • Search Improvements
    • Improved search capabilities, including a browse menu with a list of direct links to filtered content results for customer type, content type, and license status.
    • Content cards now include:  image, title, summary (only shown on hover), link, and a content type label. 
    • Icons are included on content cards to easily show customer type, content type, custom, and if it's licensed.

  • Licensing Content
    • When you identify content you want to use, you can "License" it by clicking on the button.
    • Individual content and entire collections can be licensed. 
    • Content that appears in your newsletter will be marked as licensed when it deploys. All content sent in past newsletters will appear as licensed.
    • Once content is licensed, download options based on the content type will now be available.

  • Content Landing Pages and Sharing
    • Once the content has been licensed, users have the option to create branded public article URL's from all content pages, except social media and collections.
    • Additional information is now included on content landing pages.
    • Helper tools are included throughout content detail landing pages for copying to the clipboard and downloading assets.
    • Publishing content to sites for editing options are now limited to Client Admin and Publisher roles.
    • If available, related content will now appear at the bottom of content landing pages.


  • List Details Overview - The lists page now includes the last modified date, last sent to, and the amount of sends to the list.

  • Subscriber List Drilldown - Users can now view, page through, and search a list's subscribers in Engage, by clicking on the list name or the "View Subscribers" tool on the right hand side.

  • Subscriber Import Options - Additional options have been added to the subscriber importer including, "Import and Globally Opt-Out" and "Import and Update Subscriptions".

  • Data Transfer Export File - Subscriber IDs have been added to all file exports, including scheduled exports.

  • Global Footer - A global footer has been added throughout the site and appears on most pages.

  • Account Manager Photo Updates - Account Manager photos now include an option to remove a file. Image preview now scales to a maximum width of 100px and applies a radius to match the image display within the context of a newsletter. Image requirements have not changed.

  • Sunset Old Lists - Lists that were created, modified and have not been used in over 365+ days in the past, will now be archived nightly for improved system performance.


  • Line breaks in Newsletter introduction messages are now being preserved.
  • Content categories are now being retained when cloning articles.
  • Newsletter bulk draft load time has been improved.
  • Standard Campaign level SMS and Fax reports can now be filtered by date range.
  • Legal copy is updated and now accessible to un-authenticated users.
  • All links in the help menu now open in new tabs.