There are multiple ways you can choose to update and manage your subscriber list in Engage. Below we have identified the benefits of each method.


Secure API Transfer (Questline’s preferred method)

  • Questline integrates communication between Engage and utility’s designated system for seamless, automated file transfers.
  • Engage supports multi-level segmentation with logical operators (and/or).

Questline FTP Scheduled Import

  • List is placed on secure FTP by utility and scheduled to auto-import.
  • The automated job that picks up and imports files containing new subscribers must not only have a static known file format and data structure, but a static filename.  If a file’s format or structure does not match the format and structure of the original example file, the subscriber import job will fail.
  • The Scheduled Imports feature is used to import subscriber lists in a flat file from a secure FTP connection on a scheduled basis. The Scheduled Imports can be set to repeat at a specified frequency or scheduled to occur only once at a set time.


Questline FTP List Transfer

  • Questline provides clients with a secure FTP location accessible by the Engage system.

Upload list directly to Engage

  • List is manually uploaded to Engage by utility. 
  • Manual process that needs completed on a regular basis to remain CAN-SPAM compliant