To view your Newsletter Drafts, a box will display at the top of the dashboard when you login. Click "Newsletter Drafts" or select the group.

On the Draft Review page, you'll see the Newsletter displayed as it will appear in the email, using the template set up for the campaign. You'll be able to see the entire content of the newsletter, including any Introduction text as set up on the campaign, the Newsletter Send Name, the Subject Line, the From Name and Address, and the deployment date and time. You will also be able to preview what your individual Newsletters will look like on mobile or desktop.

How To Edit Metadata

Select one or multiple matching drafts by checking the selection box next to the draft(s). 

Once you make your selection, you can edit the following Newsletter settings:  pre-header text, introduction message, subject line, scheduled for date, and approve or revoke the draft. Make sure to hit save before exiting.

How to Replace Articles

Edit Mode allows you to swap out articles in a Newsletter yourself, rather than needing to put in a request for Questline staff to modify it. 

You can then click "Replace" to search for replacement articles across the entire library of articles available on your account, preview articles, and replace articles in the current Draft with others you choose.


Once you decide what article you would like in the Newsletter, click "Insert Article" and a box will pop-up asking you if you would like to "Replace only in this newsletter" or "Replace all instances of this article". Click "View All" if you would like to review all of the newsletters that would be updated. Once you decide where to update, click "Replace Article".

How To Request Changes

If you would like any other changes made to an individual Newsletter or matching Newsletters, such as content changes or reply to name/address changes, you can use the Request Changes button to open a dialogue box where you can write up what changes you would like and attach files to the request before submitting it to Questline staff.

How to Approve Drafts

On the Newsletter Draft Review page, you can also Approve or Decline a draft by clicking the green Approve Draft button. Not all Newsletter Campaigns are set up to require approval before being sent. Those that are, must be approved before they're sent out. Multiple drafts in the same distribution can be selected to approve at the same time. Those that do not require approval, are sent out at the scheduled time unless they are Declined. 

Once a draft Newsletter is approved for deployment, you can revoke approval at any time before it's sent out.

A draft with a deployment date in the past will show a warning indicator, and the date must be updated before selecting approved. (NOTE: Only future times/dates can be set.). To reinstate a declined draft, please contact your Client Success contact.