Seed lists are a separate list of subscribers, usually employees or internal stakeholders, that you can include with a send. To include a seed list with your campaign, please contact your Client Success contact. 

Uploading a Seed List

All seed lists are uploaded utilizing the same process used for subscriber lists, found here. We recommend adding the word "seed list" to all seed list upload list names for easy identification in the campaign or senndsetup process. 

How to Include a Seed List

Seed lists can be set at the campaign level for standard and newsletter campaigns. For standard campaigns, the list can be overridden at the send level. They can also be added to all channels:  email, SMS, and fax.

After the seed list is uploaded into Engage, the seed list is attached to the campaign or send, when either setting up the campaign or scheduling a send. Once a seed list is included in a campaign, all future sends in that campaign will also be sent to the seed list, unless overwritten or removed when the send was setup. An option is in the the below setup instructions within Engage to include a seed list. 

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        How do I create a Standard Campaign Send?


Newsletter Seed Lists

If a newsletter send has a seed list attached the newsletter campaign, it will show the list name and count in the Active Subscriber window while viewing a newsletter draft.