The release of Engage version 7.9 includes adding the ability to attach seed lists to campaigns and sends, the option to now request changes to multiple matching newsletters with one change request, a notification email when your change request is completed, and other improvements and fixes. 


    Seed List Support

  • Seed lists can now be created and managed in Engage and added at the campaign level for standard and newsletter campaigns and overridden at the standard campaign send level. 
  • Seed lists can be added to all channels:  email, SMS, and fax.
  • If a newsletter campaign has an attached seed list, it will now show the list name and count in the Active Subscriber window.

    Newsletter Request Changes Form

  • The Newsletter Request Changes Form now supports any number of individual tasks which can now be submitted together.
  • Request changes now loads a slide-over to allow the user to see the newsletter as the request is added.
  • When reviewing a newsletter draft, you can now choose whether to apply the change request to the selected draft only or to multiple matching campaigns which are within the active group and share a newsletter ID.  
  • All matching drafts are now shown in a toggle beneath “view all”.
  • A link to the help portal with information on change request requirements is included on the view for easy reference.
  • The following set of task types are now available when submitting a change request:
    • Create a custom article
    • Make changes to an article
    • Replace an article
    • Change article placement
    • Correct an article
    • Other

    Newsletter Request Changes Completed Notification

  • Once a newsletter change request has been completed, an email notification will be sent to Newsletter Approval and Revoke Recipients.
  • Users on more than one recipient list will only receive one email notification. 
  • The table of newsletter drafts includes every draft/campaign that was designated in the change request in Engage, sorted by deployment date ascending, and then campaign name.
  • If any of the associated drafts have additional pending change requests, the count and an identifier will appear below the campaign name.


  • Default Newsletter Draft Status Filtering - The default newsletter draft view has been updated to exclude declined drafts so you can easily see what's next in your drafts. To view your declined drafts, click Filter and select Declined.

  • Toasts - Success, error, and informational notifications have been added throughout the application.

  • Closed Captioning in HTML 5 Videos - Added the ability to upload a caption file when creating a video.


  • Automated campaign reporting email addresses and SMS numbers are now linking to the subscriber record.
  • Newsletter test sends no longer require a list or segment attached to the campaign to send a test.
  • Additional countermeasures were added to click maps to ensure percentages will appear where intended.
  • Newsletter Campaign Summary Emails now exclude the Most Popular Content section when the newsletter included only custom content (which does not include Questline categorization).