The release of Engage version 7.8 includes adding SMS to Automated Campaigns, Newsletter updates, and minor changes and fixes.


Automated SMS

  • SMS has been added as an available channel in Automated Campaigns. 

  • SMS and email can now be assigned to one step in an Automated Campaign, now giving the option of sending an email message, an SMS, or both.

Newsletter Updates

  • Section support has been added to the newsletter templates, allowing articles to now be assigned to specific sections within the newsletter.

  • Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and the three email footers Disclaimer, Copyright and Mailing Address can now be exposed in custom newsletter templates.

  • Dynamic URL's can now be used within snippets to allow content creators to utilize a single snippet across multiple newsletters, and link to an article and have it display in the appropriate brand.


  • An additional layer of security has been added to click-tracked links. 
  • Standard Campaigns now have similar retry/fail logic as Automated Campaigns.


  • The newsletter revoke message link has been updated to the correct link.
  • Smart quotes in content are now appearing correctly in HTML downloads.
  • Group creation multi-select functionality has been improved.