The release of Engage version 7.7 includes additional editing capabilities of multiple newsletters at once, an improved Engage Newsletter Campaign Summary Email, and the introduction of Group Reporting. 



Newsletter Draft Display Bulk Editing of Metadata

  • The Newsletter Draft Display screen has been updated to include additional user managed editing capabilities beyond approving or revoking when multiple drafts within one volume are selected. All unique settings will display within the preview panel. The below bulk edit actions have been added. 
    • Pre-Header Text
    • Introduction Message
    • Subject Line
    • Scheduled For
  • The Newsletter header has been updated to include a button with the ability to edit the pre-header text by choosing to either default to the first article's title or entering custom text.
  • The desktop/mobile toggle has been moved to allow space for the pre-header text button.
  • Position of Request Changes button has changed so that all normally disabled buttons are adjacent.
  • Updated copy in the draft Search to make it more clear to the user what search is actually searching.


Newsletter Campaign Summary Email

  • An improved Newsletter Campaign Summary Email will now be sent one week after an Engage Newsletter send. This summary will be sent to each user identified as a “Newsletter Reporting Recipient” on the campaign. 
  • The Newsletter Campaign Summary Email includes all of the following sections: send metrics and percent change since last issue, most popular articles, how many customers were sent the campaign in the last year, and most popular content categories for the campaign.


Group Reporting

  • A Groups section has been added to Reporting to support Groups Reporting for Newsletter Campaigns.
  • This section includes Group Overview metrics, Lifetime Activity, and Annual Engagement for Newsletter Campaigns. 
    • Group Overview
      • A user can now compare sends across all campaigns within the group for the most recent Newsletter Send.
      • The Group Overview includes delivery, opens and click-to-open rates as aggregates of all campaigns in the group. 
      • Totals for each metric column link to the subscriber report for that metric across all campaigns in the group.
      • A Campaign Breakdown table now displays all campaigns with the specified group sorted by campaign name. 
      • All metric columns are sortable within the Campaign Breakdown chart.
    • Lifetime Activity
      • This view includes all group aggregates and is the same as the standard and newsletter views.
    • Annual Engagement
      • This view includes all group aggregates and is the same as the standard and newsletter views.
      • A 12 Month Trend Chart for groups has been created.
      • All metric columns are sortable within the 12 Month Trend chart.
  • Pagination of large data exports of group data has been removed and updated to include a link to export the entire report.
  • All Groups must be setup prior to accessing these reporting capabilities. To setup your newsletter groups, please contact your Questline Client Success contact.



  • A fix has been made to ensure all Newsletter introduction messages are showing on mobile.