The release of Engage version 7.6 includes the introduction to Groups and improvements to Newsletter management to increase the efficiency and ease of use.


Engage Newsletter Groups

  • Newsletter campaigns can now be assigned to a group to make bulk newsletter actions easier. 
  • Individual campaigns can only be assigned to one group. 
  • We recommend setting up your newsletter groups by newsletter type. To setup your newsletter groups, please contact your Questline Client Success contact.

Newsletter Draft Display & Bulk Approval

  • A new display is available for approving or revoking multiple newsletter drafts at once! This new view includes all published but unsent drafts organized by their campaign group with an easy multi-selection option for bulk actions to be completed. 
  • All Drafts includes all drafts while each group level shows campaigns assigned to their assigned groups.
  • A draft with a deployment date in the past will now show a warning indicator, and the date must be updated before selecting approved.
  • Each newsletter can be easily identified with a color coded Approved, Draft, or Pending status marker. Any newsletter that is pending changes cannot be approved until changes are completed. 

Single Newsletter Draft Preview

  • When any single draft is selected from the draft list, it will be shown in the preview column.
  • This replaces the existing newsletter review screen and incorporates additional functionality with improved display changes. 
  • You can now preview individual newsletters on desktop or mobile.

Newsletter Search and Filtering

  • You can now search and filter your newsletters by month or status. 
  • Drafts can now be filtered based on deployment months currently available and any supported approval status.

Bulk Notifications

  • One email notification has replaced the existing individual draft ready and approval notifications to avoid numerous emails in your inbox. This includes a notification when your drafts have been created and are ready to review, or your drafts have been approved using the bulk approval. 
  • No pre-existing users will be setup to receive bulk notifications. To adjust your bulk notification preferences, please contact your Questline Client Success contact.


  • A fix has been made to ensure operational timeouts are no longer an issue by storing progress data in the database instead of the session.
  • Improved Click Map data exports.
  • Added logging for edit-clone and delete newsletter actions to better identify newsletter drafts that are no longer appearing available in Engage. 
  • Other infrastructure enhancements and updates to Ops Tool.