The release of Engage version 7.5 includes increased security to restrict user access to the Campaign level. This has been implemented in Newsletter, Automated, and Standard Campaigns within Engage.

Campaign Access

Engage is now equipped with the ability to lock down campaigns and reporting views to specific campaigns. This is primarily to allow for Utilities to set up a structure where some users will only have access to their campaign or newsletter for draft review, modification requests and report viewing. An example of this would be in Key Accounts where an individual key account manager can be restricted to their campaigns only.

The Campaign Access panel will appear at the top of Standard, Automated, and Newsletter campaign setup views. Campaigns by default will be set to allow access for all Account users. The creator of the Campaign will have the option to restrict this Campaign to a list of specific users.

By selecting the ‘Restrict this campaign to specific users’ the Campaign creator will be able to add individual users to each Campaign:

  • The Campaign creator will by default have access
  • Client admin level accounts will also have access to all campaigns in their accounts by default.

Engage v.7.5 Release Details


  • Campaign level access restriction has been added to allow Utilities to restrict access within their account.


  • Updated the process for content to be added to the Engage content library so that new assets are now available at near real time as opposed to a nightly update.
  • Updated Snippet placement so that Snippets assigned to the Send will be placed above Snippets assigned to the Campaign.
  • Added the ability for the Operations team to place Snippets in a bulk fashion across one or many Campaigns.
  • Upgraded Engage to allow for increased send throughput.


  • The Subject Line editing screen in the draft review process no longer is encoding characters and will no longer add encoded characters to the subject line.