Engage v.7.4 Release Notes

The release of Engage version 7.4 includes improvements to Newsletters and Standard Campaigns to provide flexibility and readability for your customers.

Newsletter Campaign Scheduling

Based on changes to trends in email scheduling and effectiveness, we've added the ability to select the day of the week for monthly recurring Newsletter scheduling. Choose the first to fourth week in a month, and any day, Monday through Sunday, to reach out to your customers!

Standard Engage Template Branding

We've improved our out-of-the-box email templates with the ability to pull logo, color choices, company homepage URL, and other Branding information straight from the Brand selected for a campaign, allowing more appropriate company branding with less manual work per email.

Email Plain Text

Each email we send for you includes both HTML and plain text copies of the content. The majority of readers see the HTML coded email. But some subscribers will see the Plain Text, and they'll appreciate a more readable view with better link functionality. The Plain Text will be automatically created based on the HTML of the email, but can be modified additionally as needed.

Apart from these additions, we've made additional fixes and improvements to make your experience with Engage smoother and more productive!

If you’d like the detailed view of this release’s changes, read on for specifics.

Engage v.7.4 Release Details


  • Standard Engage email message templates can now use Branding colors, logo, and related branding values.


  • Newsletters set on a monthly recurring schedule can now be a day of the week other than Tuesday. The recurring schedule can be 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th occurrence of a select day of the week.
  • The system for automatically generating plain text versions of each HTML email, which are sent alongside the HTML version in the same email, has been improved for both Standard and Newsletter campaigns and their emails. 
  • Improvements have been made to Newsletter article webpage layout and spacing around images. 
  • The default Newsletter template on a newly created Brand will now be set to Basic - Default, so there will not be errors trying to preview Newsletters on which a specific template has seen set.
  • All Newsletter introduction message areas have had their color darkened to improve contrast, and will output dynamic "Sincerely, " if an Account Manager name exists on the brand selected for the Newsletter


  • An outdated dynamic code format used for Subscription level opt out has been deprecated.
  • View an email Click Map or View Message link no longer counts as an Open event for advanced email reporting on the Email Clients tab.
  • A fix has been made to a pre-populated email message template with an improperly un-editable area meant for image upload.

API Changes

  • The following endpoints now return a 404 status code instead of a 200 when calling for an Article ID that does not exist.
    GET v3/content/articles/infographic/{articleId}
    GET v3/content/articles/interactive/{articleId}
    GET v3/content/articles/mediaessay/{articleId} 
    GET v3/content/articles/slideshow/{articleId} 
    GET v3/content/articles/text/{articleId} 
    GET v3/content/articles/video/{articleId}

    For more information on these and other API endpoints, visit api.questline.com.