Engage v.7.2 Release Notes 

In this upgrade to Engage, we’ve focused on improving our Newsletters product and bringing system improvements made for Newsletters to the rest of our communications tools.

We’ve enhanced the Newsletter tools with a new Test Send function, allowing you to send test copies of a Newsletter to selected readers for review before you send it to your full audience.

We’ve added the ability for you to edit a Newsletter’s Intro Message yourself on a Newsletter Draft, if you don’t like the default one.

We’ve added more pre-populated templates to Standard campaigns, allowing you to quickly build emails for common types of messages.

And we’ve taken the improved Click Tracking system we built for Newsletters and integrated it into Standard and Automated emails, meaning more accurate Click Maps on all your emails!

If you’d like the detailed view of this release’s changes, read on for specifics.

Engage v.7.2 Release Details 


  • Users can now send Test Sends of Newsletter campaigns from the Newsletter Draft Review screen.
  • Pre-populated message templates for Welcome Series, Outages, and Articles have been added to Standard Campaigns.


  • None


  • Email click tracking for Standard and Automated campaigns has moved to the improved solution used by Newsletter campaigns which improves accuracy for data rendered on the Click Map.
  • Replaced the File uploader on the Newsletter Request Changes window with an improved uploader.
  • Newsletter Editors can now personalize a Newsletter's Intro Message directly from the Newsletter Draft Review screen.


  • The Newsletter Custom Deployment date fields now all use consistent number formatting.
  • A fix has been made to Newsletter article display web templates to correct media placement.

API Changes

  • A new API endpoint has been added to get a subscriber record by key: v3/subscribers/bykey/{subscriberKey}
    Detailed API information can be found at https://api.questline.com