In these quick videos and screenshots, we'll explain to you the basic functions of reviewing, approving/declining, testing, and requesting modifications to Engage Newsletter emails.

Receiving the Newsletter Draft Notification

Once you receive a Newsletter Draft Notification email, you'll be able to choose how to move forward - to approve the Newsletter for release, request edits, or decline the release of the Newsletter to your audience.

Viewing Newsletter Drafts in Engage and Approving Without Edits

If you do not require edits or changes to the Newsletter draft, you can approve it to be sent out at its scheduled time by clicking the approve button on the bottom of a single newsletter. 

You can approve multiple newsletters in the same volume, by selecting the check boxes on the left and clicking approve drafts.

Searching for and Requesting Alternate Content

If you would like to have content in the Newsletter replaced with other Questline-provided content, you can browse for other topics to have added to the Newsletter. When viewing a single newsletter, click Edit Mode > Replace > and search for an article topic. Once you find your new article, click 

Requesting Newsletter Modifications and Snippets

You may require modifications to the Newsletter before it is sent out to your audience. Some small edits you can make yourself, but others require that you request changes be made by Questline staff. When viewing a single draft, select Request Changes at the top. 

Viewing Reporting

Once a Newsletter has been distributed to your audience, you'll be able to review the engagement metrics in Engage Reporting. 

Creating a Test Send

Once the draft is created, you can generate a test send by clicking Send A Test at the top of the page and entering a test email address.

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