This article provides procedural information regarding importing subscribers through the Engage API. It discusses the required account setup steps, walks through a typical API scenario, and provides contacts in case of questions or issues. Detailed information on the Engage API can be found at

API Credentials and Endpoint Information

Every request to the Engage API requires an API key. For information on API authorization, refer to the API documentation at:

Questline cannot provide credentials, including API Keys, via email or in this document. Please contact your Questline Account Manager or Questline Support using the contact information below to receive a username and password via phone.

Creating and Assigning Subscribers

After you've chosen where you'll be importing your subscribers to, you can use the POST v3/subscribers endpoint to create new subscribers. 

This endpoint allows for the inclusion of strings to create subscriber values such as the Subscriber Key, email address, SMS or fax numbers, first name, last name, and attributes. This endpoint creates a subscriber in the general 'pool' only and does not assign them to a List or Automated Campaign. 

Import to a List or Automated Campaign

After you create new subscribers, you can choose to simply leave them in your overall subscriber 'pool' where they can be picked up by Segments, or to attach them to a previously created List (for use with Standard and Newsletter Campaigns) or Automated Campaign. 

For information on the API endpoints for creating Lists or Automated Campaigns, see

To add a subscriber to a previously created List, you can use the POST v3/lists/{listId}/subscribers endpoint.

To add a subsciber to an Automated Campaign, use the POST v3/subscribers/{subscriberId}/automatedcampaigns endpoint. 

Getting Support

If you encounter errors or issues with subscriber imports via API, contact your Technical Account Manager or contact Questline Support by entering a Support Ticket.