• A notification has been added to the Newsletter Draft Review screen to let users know when Newsletter content is taking time to load in the page.
  • Changing the Brand selection on a Newsletter campaign from one brand to another will now update all Newsletters in Draft status to the new Brand selection, as well as any future Newsletters. 
  • Newsletter may now have a "Publication Name" stored in their Branding. This can display in any newsletter email or content coded to display the value from this field. 
  • Newsletter Campaign-level snippets are now implemented. When set on a campaign, these will display across all Newsletters in that campaign by default. Additional Newsletter-level snippets will still be allowable. 


  •  Brand name has been removed from Preference Centers and Opt-In webpages. 


  • Minor textual updates to alert messages in the Newsletter Draft Review screen. 
  • Newsletter Editors can now view Newsletter Campaigns and their reporting, as well as Subscriber details, in addition to their existing Newsletter Draft review capability. 
  • Newsletter Viewers can now view Newsletter Campaigns as well as their current reporting view capability. 
  • Additional edits have been made to other security roles to ensure that select users may create new Newsletter Campaigns.
  • Edits have been made to security roles to ensure that proper users have access to the areas of creating FTP Profiles, scheduling Exports via FTP, and scheduling Imports via FTP. 
  • Client-facing email notifications from Engage for such topics as password resets and Newsletter notifications will now come from, with the reply address being the same. 
  • Newsletters will now display a status of "In Progress" between Scheduled and Sent, while actually distributing. 


  • Formatting of long URLs and numbers in Click Activity improved for readability.
  • A fix has been made to ensure that Newsletter Draft Publication and Notification email processes do not halt if Notification emails encounter an error. 
  • Fix to bug introduced in recent release causing Click Activity tracking to roll up all links for a specific domain into the most generic link within the email. Affected recent historic reporting and future tracking have both been corrected.

API Changes

  •  GET v3/events/types endpoint response has been corrected to match the expected types.