• None.


  • Removed "Import and attach to one or more automated campaigns" from the import wizard when setting up a new List. This option is still available in Scheduled imports and imports to the subscriber pool.


  • System improvements have been made for event processing.
  • For Standard Campaign email sends the send confirmation screen will show the total number of subscribers on the send, whether from a List or a Segment, with a tooltip noting that actual messages sent will exclude subscribers who are opted out or suppressed due to hard bounce. The number shown will not calculate exclusions for opt outs or suppressions, and merely display the List or Segment total.
  • The Standard Campaign Send Confirmation screen now displays the name of the Message record attached to the send.
  • Special characters in certain Campaign setup and Newsletter Draft Review fields in Engage will now convert to HTML to ensure that pasted text does not display characters in error.
  • Subscriber Key must now be unique across an account. Any existing duplicate subscriber keys have been made unique, and a uniqueness constraint added to Subscriber Key within each account.


  • A fix has been made to prevent Click Map page errors and failures when attempting to display the Click Map for a wide range of dates or a large amount of email clicks.
  • Compare Sends display now shows proper send dates.
  • Opt Out numbers and rates on Standard, Automated, and Newsletter reporting have been adjusted to calculate only on unique subscriber opt outs. Drilldowns will still show total (non-unique) subscriber opt outs.
  • The Preference Center preview function in Branding now properly shows the Submit button. The button is not functional in Preview, but does display.
  • Ensured that Standard Campaign sends display proper brand in Dynamic Preview and dispatched send.
  • A fix is in place on shared root domains used by Questline for click tracking to prevent links in emails being interpreted by some aggressive web filters as being 'parked domains'.

API Changes

  •  The following unsubscribe endpoints have been removed:

POST v3/unsubscribe/automatedcampaign
POST v3/unsubscribe/channel
POST v3/unsubscribe/subscriptions

Note that DELETE endpoints for removing a subscriber from an Automated Campaign, Channel, or Subscription still exist.