On any Campaign Send with an email, you can see the activity of all subscriber interactions in the Click Activity and Click Map tabs.

Click Activity

The Click Activity report shows a list of all links in the email, with % Clicked (the percentage of all unique clicks on the send, for each link), and both Total Clicks and Unique Clicks for each link.

On this report, Unique Clicks are calculated per link. A subscriber can have one Unique Click (and a maximum of one) for each link, as opposed to only one Unique Click per subscriber for the whole email as on Campaign Send and Campaign reports.

The Click Activity report ranks the report by % clicked, with the most popular link at the top. All four columns can be sorted by clicking on the small arrow icons next to the heading.

You can also Export the entire report to a text file with the Export Report button in the top right.


Click Map

The Click Map shows a representation of the email, with The percentages of Unique Clicks displayed over each link in the email. Note that if the exact same link appears in the email in more than one place, percentages will link to only one appearance of the link. 

You can export the Click Map to a PDF with the Download PDF button in the top right.