Engage includes a large number of metrics for determining how your email, SMS, and fax communications are reaching subscribers. This 'cheat sheet' explains what each of these calculations means and how they are determined.

Annual Email Engagement Metrics

The Campaign Overview page for Standard campaigns displays a selection of metrics representing email subscriber engagement with your campaign over the last 12 months.


This is the number of touchpoints over the last twelve months of this campaign. A touchpoint is recorded each time a subscriber interacts with a unique campaign message for the first time. 

Open Reach

The percentage of subscribers that have opened at least one message sent in the past year. Useful for understanding how much of the total audience you’re reaching over time and how healthy your list is.

(Unique subscribers that opened at least one Message in the last 365 days) ÷ (Unique subscribers delivered at least one email in the last 365 days)

Repeat Open Reach

The percentage of subscribers who have opened multiple unique messages in the last twelve months. Useful for gauging how much of your list is repeatedly engaging with your campaign. 

(Unique subscribers that opened two or more emails sent in the last 365 days) ÷ (Unique subscribers that opened at least one email sent in the last 365 days)

Click To Open Reach

The overall percentage of subscribers who chose to click after opening a message. Useful in measuring relevancy of content and effectiveness of any calls-to-action in driving clicks. 

(Unique subscribers that clicked at least one email sent in the last 365 days) ÷ (Unique subscribers that opened at least one email sent in the last 365 days)

Opt Out Rate

The percentage of subscribers on the campaign you lost to opt outs in the past year. Measuring over an annual period gives you an improved picture independent of sending frequency.

(Unique subscribers with an opt out for this campaign from emails sent in the last 365 days) ÷ (Emails delivered for all campaign sends in the last 365 days)


General Metrics

These metrics can be seen on both Campaign and Campaign Send reports for Standard and Automated Campaigns. 

Delivery Rate

For email metrics only. The percentage of subscribers emailed on the send or campaign who successfully received the message without a hard or block bounce. 

(Emails delivered) ÷ (Emails sent)

Open Rate

The percentage of subscribers who successfully received the email, who then opened the email.

(Unique Opens) ÷ (Emails Delivered)

Click to Open Rate (CTOR)

The percentage of unique email opens that resulted in unique email clicks.

(Unique Clicks) ÷ (Unique Opens)

Total Sent

The number of messages sent to subscribers on the campaign or send. This will be in a separate section for each channel (email, SMS, or fax), if you have more than one channel available. 


The number of messages successfully delivered from the Total Sent. 

(Total Sent) - (Total Bounces)

Total Opens

For email only. The total number of email open events received on the campaign or send. If a subscriber opens the email more than once, each open is counted here.

NOTE: This also includes 'implied opens' - if a subscriber has images blocked on their email, the actual Open may not be recorded, but if that subscriber clicks a link in the email, we can surmise that they opened it, and we record an open event. 

Unique Opens

The number of individual subscribers who have one Open (including implied opens) for a send. Here, each person is only counted once, regardless of how many times they open the email. 

Total Clicks

The total number of clicks recorded for the send or campaign. This metric counts each click, even if that subscriber has clicked links in the email multiple times. 

Unique Clicks

Unique clicks are calculated differently based on what report you're viewing.

At the Campaign and Send level, a Unique Click is a unique subscriber/email interaction, with a maximum of one Unique Click per Subscriber per Send. If a subscriber clicks one link in an email three times, that's one Unique click; if they click four different links three times each, that's still one Unique Click at the Send and Campaign reporting level.

When looking at the Click Activity and Click Map reports on a send, though, Unique Clicks are calculated individually per link. Unique clicks here are the number of unique subscriber/link click combinations on the email. On these reports, if a subscriber clicks one link five times, that's one unique click. If a subscriber clicks three different links five times each, that's three Unique Clicks, one for each different link that subscriber clicked. 

Click-Through Rate

The percentage of successfully delivered emails that then received a unique click.

(Unique Clicks) ÷ (Emails Delivered) 


The number of unique Opt Out requests received for an email on a campaign or send. Note that multiple Opt Out requests from a single email for a subscriber count as multiple link clicks, but do not count as multiple Opt Outs for this number, or for the Opt Out Rate. 

Opt Out Rate

The percentage of delivered emails from which subscribers subsequently opted out.   

(Opt Outs) ÷ (Emails Delivered)

Spam Complaints

The total number of spam email complaints reported by subscribers on a send or campaign. 


Bounces are reported as a total combining Hard Bounces and Block Bounces. You can also see how many of each of these type occurred.