• Newsletter subscriptions for clients with the Newsletter product will now be broken down into more granular categories to allow separation of Small Business, and Key Account Business newsletters offerings.
  • Draft Notification Email functionality has been added to Engage Newsletters. Upon publication of a Newsletter Draft, all email addresses set to receive drafts for the Campaign will be sent a notification email that includes the newsletter content and a link to review.
  • Notification of Newsletter Draft approvals will now be sent to specified users on a Newsletter campaign. Conversely, notification of Draft revocation will be sent to the same specified users if an approval for a Newsletter is pulled.
  • Engage now allows for the simple creation and hosting of opt-in pages by which subscribers can register to receive emails sent to a specific List. These pages are hosted on the same domain as the default Engage Preference Center and can be used for both Newsletter and Standard campaign lists.


  •  None.


  • For user clarity, the Engage Preference Center has been modified so that globally opting out of a specific communication channel (email, SMS, or fax) will grey out and disable modification of Subscription-level opt outs on that channel. Subscriptions will not be changed in case a subscriber opts back in, but users will not be able to edit Subscriptions further on a channel from which they globally opt out.
  • The default branding background color in Engage has been changed to match the standard Newsletter template background.
  • Preference Center branding has been merged into overall branding setup.
  • Engage now allows for the creation and saving of multiple Brands in Engage. A brand can then be associated with any type of campaign (Newsletter, Standard, or Automated). Branding elements will then apply to emails as well as content and the Preference Center for sends from a campaign on which the Brand is selected.
  • Hardcoded logo width settings have been removed from Content layouts to better support non-standard logo sizes.
  • Newsletter one-click opt outs will now default to opting a subscriber out of Subscriptions only, if Subscriptions exists on the email campaign. If no Subscriptions exist on the email campaign, the opt out will be a Global email opt out.
  • Subscriber Key is now viewable and editable on the Subscriber Details edit screen. Subscriber Keys must be unique within an Account; uniqueness is checked upon saving the Subscriber record.
  • Newsletter Drafts can no longer be approved if there are any open issues such as modification requests existing for the Newsletter Draft.
  • Copying a Send will use the Brand currently on the Campaign, regardless of what Brand was on the original send, in case the Brand has changed on the Campaign since the original email send went out.


  • Clicking Unsubscribe or Manage Preferences from a Newsletter Draft will now show the Preference Center with a message stated that the user has not been opted out, rather than displaying an error message.
  • Using the Compare Sends report across Newsletter sends will no longer cause an error.
  • Unpublishing a Content page now properly both unpublishes the page from the internet and successfully registers the page as unpublished in Engage.

API Changes

  •  None.