As Questline builds newsletter functionality into Engage, we will work to migrate clients from the legacy RelationshipBuilder system into Engage. Engage Newsletters will provide cleaner, simpler tools, increased functionality, and better reporting.

This article looks to address common questions about using Engage for newsletters after moving from RelationshipBuilder.

Basic information on newsletters is available here

How do I review and make edits to my newsletter?
How do I approve the newsletter?

In Engage, newsletters are set up as “Campaigns” that can be associated within "Groups" to increase the efficiency and ease of use of the Newsletter management process.  A campaign is a set of one or more communication distributions – in this case, it’s the set of regularly recurring newsletters to be sent to your subscribers. The campaign contains information like the email headers, schedule, templates, list of subscribers, and Account Manager branding information. In that campaign, newsletters will go out regularly as scheduled as individual “Sends”.

When a newsletter campaign is set up for you by Questline Staff, you can let us know who at your company should be sent draft review notice emails. You may ask that your campaign be set to require your approval each month. With campaigns that require approval, if no approval is provided before the expected delivery time and date, the newsletter is not sent. Otherwise, Questline will just simply notify you that the draft newsletter is ready, without approval required - and it goes out on the expected time and date without needing your approval.

Draft Review notice emails include a link to view the draft online, at a page where you may approve the newsletter, decline it, or request changes. You can also log into Engage at any time at https://engage.questline.com and see a link at the top of the dashboard that will take you to a page displaying any draft newsletters awaiting review.

Whether or not your campaign requires your approval for each newsletter, you may still decline or request changes. If you decline a newsletter, no newsletter will be sent for that month or period, but the next newsletter will still be created when it’s time. It doesn’t mean the entire newsletter is cancelled permanently.

If you approve a newsletter but change your mind about it before it’s scheduled to go to your subscribers, you can still retract your approval and decline it.  

You may also modify the subject line, pre-header text, introduction message, and the date/time of a newsletter distribution on this screen.

Learn more here


How do I set up the date and time for the newsletter distribution?

At this time, newsletter campaigns are set up with a default deployment schedule. To change the default date and time for newsletter distributions, contact your Questline Client Success contact.

To change the date and time for one or multiple newsletter sends rather than an entire campaign, you may modify the date and time on the Draft Review page.


What are Newsletter "Snippets"?

Snippets are pieces of HTML code that can be added to your newsletter in a pre-defined area.

For more information on snippets, and example Newsletter template layouts with snippets, see the Snippets explanation in this article.


How do I search for other content?

You will be able to view the content available to your account under the Content tab in Engage. You can browse or search by topic. If you find content you'd like to see in a newsletter, contact your Account Manager or use the Request Changes panel on an individual newsletter on the Draft Review page and give the title and id of the article.


How do I review my current list? Can I export it?

Questline will create a list record in your account with the subscribers you have provided for your newsletter. If your Engage account provides you access to the Lists and Subscribers tab, you can download a list from there. More information is available in this article.


How do I submit an updated list for my newsletter?

You can add subscribers individually or by uploading a list on the Subscribers tab within Engage. We also recommend automating regular list updates from your CRM or CIS system through secure file transfer (SFTP) or via the Engage API. Note that Questline does not accept subscriber lists via email for security and confidentiality reasons.

For more information on the formats that Engage allows for uploading lists, and the best way to organize them, read this article.

Discuss available options with your Questline Account Manager during setup to decide on the best approach for your utility.


How do I register for the newsletter?

If you would like to be added to a newsletter's distribution, contact your Questline Client Success contact to be added to the list for your campaign, or simply provide your email address in an updated list for your newsletter.


How do I send updated assets for my newsletter; logo, name, account manager info, etc.?

Contact your Questline Client Success contact to provide updated information or assets of this kind.


I need to add a new newsletter campaign for a separate recurring newsletter, how do I do that?

Contact your Questline Client Success contact for assistance with the creation and setup of new newsletter campaigns.


What reporting is available for Newsletters, and how do I view it?

Reporting for newsletters is similar to that available for standard campaigns in Engage, including detailed breakdowns of delivery rate and numbers, a breakdown of block and hard bounces, metrics on opens, clicks, opt outs, and spam complaints, a detailed click map of how links in the email performed, and more. If a newsletter is assigned to a group, you can also view your Newsletter metrics in group reporting.

As with Draft Review emails, you can provide us email addresses of users from your company to be set up to view reporting. These users will be sent reporting emails a week after the newsletter is sent, with basic statistics on the newsletter’s metrics and a link to the full reporting.

The automated Campaign Summary Email will be sent one week after an Engage Newsletter send to Newsletter Reporting Recipients. The email includes all of the following sections: send metrics and percent change since last issue, most popular articles, how many customers were sent the campaign in the last year, and most popular content categories for the campaign. 

For more information, take a look at the reporting for Standard Campaigns.


How do I socially share the content?

When you open the Newsletter email, you can then open an individual Article from it by clicking on the appropriate Call to Action text or link. This will display the full article in your web browser. Articles have social media sharing buttons as well as an email sharing link.