Newsletters in Engage - An Overview

As Questline works to improve the Engage product, we are working to add in Newsletter functionality previously handled in older systems.

If your company utilizes Questline's Newsletter product, your newsletters will eventually be moved under the Engage platform. Much of the Newsletter functionality will be handled by Questline staff, including setting up the Newsletter campaign, its sending schedule, and adding content to each individual newsletter email.

Engage client users will still be able to review Newsletter drafts for approval, and request rescheduling or changes.


Newsletter Draft Review and Requesting Edits

When a Newsletter Draft is completed, you'll be sent an email notifying you it's ready. Your newsletters may require approval before sending, or they may not require active approval. Regardless of whether or not approvals are required on the Newsletter campaign, Questline will send notifications emails to any client representatives set up on the campaign.

You can click the link in the draft notification email to open up Engage, and after you log in you'll be taken to the Draft Review page for the Newsletter. You can also see links to all Newsletters currently in Draft for review at the top of the Engage Dashboard page. (NOTE: If you visit the Draft Review link for a Newsletter after it's sent, you'll be taken to the Reporting page for the email.)

Here's an example of the Draft Review page:

On the Draft Review page, you'll see the Newsletter displayed as it will appear in the email, using the template set up for the campaign. (For more information on Newsletter templates, see this article.) You'll be able to see the entire content of the newsletter, including any Introduction text as set up on the campaign, the Newsletter Send Name, the Subject Line, the From Name and Address, and the deployment date and time.

From here, you can change the Subject Line or change the scheduled time and date the email will go out. (NOTE: Only future times/dates can be set.)

If you would like any other changes made to the Newsletter, such as content changes or reply to name/address changes, you can use the Request Changes button to open a dialogue box where you can write up what changes you would like and attach files to the request before submitting it to Questline staff.

On this page, you can also Approve or Decline a draft by clicking the appropriate button. Not all Newsletter Campaigns are set up to require approval before being sent. Those that are must be approved before they're sent out. Those that are not are sent out at the scheduled time unless they are Declined.

Once a draft Newsletter is approved for transmission, you can remove approval at any time before it's sent out.


Newsletter Reporting

One week after a Newsletter goes out to readers, you'll be sent an email with metrics on how well the email reached its audience.  This email will also include a link to the full Email Send Report for the newsletter distribution in Engage.

The Send Report is essentially the same as the Send Report for a Standard Campaign email, with the exclusion of any metrics for text messages or faxes.


Newsletter Templates and "Snippets"

Snippets are pieces of HTML code that can be added to your newsletter in a pre-defined area. A snippet might be an image, a promotional offer, or a list of links to your website or program. You may have any number of snippets, in any variety of layouts. Standard newsletter templates include snippets at the bottom, just above the footer.

The maximum width of the defined snippet area in standard newsletter templates is 560px.


Example Layouts:

One horizontal snippet:

Three snippets in three columns:

Two snippets in two columns, and one horizontal snippet: