• Continued development of back-end tools to support the Engage Newsletters product.


  • None.


  • Improvements to publishing articles to Engage Content, related to the new Engage Newsletters product and new publication and article creation processes.
  • Minor spacing change to the email sharing option on Newsletter Article site pages.
  • Published Newsletter Content on Engage Sites will only display the Account Manager area at the bottom of the Article if the Branding for the Article includes Account Manager values (image, full name, email, and/or phone number).
  • The salutation and closing around a Newsletter Introduction message will no longer appear in the email if the Introduction field for the Newsletter Campaign is blank.


  • Links to share newsletters articles on social media or email now contain proper URL to display the article.
  • Last and Next page navigation links on the Click Activity Total Clicks drilldowns now properly route to the proper page in the drilldown results. This applies to both Standard and Newsletter send reporting.
  • A fix has been implemented to cloning a Newsletter Campaign with a Custom deployment date. Dates and times will be maintained on the cloned copy if they are in the future, and cleared out if they are past dates/times. This check now uses the proper timezone to determine validity.

API Changes

  • None.