• Functionality has been added to allow users to approve or decline Newsletter drafts, edit the Subject Line or deployment schedule for a Newsletter draft, or request additional modifications to be made by Questline staff.
  • Functionality for the Newsletter Draft Modification Request has been added to electronically submit modification requests to Questline staff.
  • Initial functions to convert Relationship Builder Newsletters for use in Engage has been developed.
  • The Standard Campaign Send Wizard has been modified to improve performance when pulling send reach counts on the Summary screen.
  • Functionality has been added to allow users to revoke Newsletter approval and return the Newsletter to draft status.
  • Upon creation of or editing of a Newsletter campaign, if newsletter content exists for future potential deployments not yet assigned content, the user will be notified and prompted to add or turn down the Newsletter drafts as future newsletters.


  •  None.


  • Newsletter email templates have been modified to more accurately pull image sizes and dimensions from Newsletter assets.
  • Graphical improvements have been made to Newsletter email templates to optimize layout.


  • Special Characters normally allowed in Newsletter names are now stripped out of Newsletter Send event reports in order to prevent exporting errors.
  • These same Special Characters are now allowed in the Sites Page Title automatically generated for a published Newsletter, but stripped out of the URL.
  • Send Comparison reports will now exclude cancelled and/or deleted sends that had scheduled send timestamps in the past. The report will now pull only Sent and Failed sends.
  • Newsletter scheduling functionality has been modified to ensure that newsletters to be sent at late hours on last day of the month are not unintentionally considered part of the next month in the universal timezone used by the database.
  • Approving a Newsletter draft now properly updates the Modified and Modified By database values for the Newsletter.
  • The Newsletter Campaign selection is now properly maintained when paging through multiple pages of Newsletter Send results for a campaign.
  • Newsletter emails now include proper Plain Text versions of the email text along with the HTML email.

API Changes

  •  None.