Automated Campaigns differ from Standard Campaigns both in their structure and their process.

Where Standard Campaigns contain one or more sends, each of which sends to an entire List or Segment at once, Automated Campaigns are set up as one or more steps through which individual subscribers process one at a time as they are uploaded or as the time for a step occurs.

An Automated Campaign is often used for a new customer email set such as a Welcome Series. It can also be used for billing reminders or other repeating emails. Automated Campaigns can be set to allow subscribers to go through the steps of a Campaign only once, or can be set to allow a subscriber to repeat a Campaign if re-added to it after completing it.

Automated Campaigns are set up by selecting steps in a Workflow, as shown here:

An Automated Campaign can include steps of the following types:

  • Send an Email
  • Wait (an amount of time - minutes, hours, days, or months)
  • Wait Until (a time of day, a time of day on a specific day of the week, or a time of day on a specific date in a month)
  • Add Subscriber Attribute and specific value
  • Add Subscriber to another, different Automated Campaign

When a subscriber is added to a campaign by an FTP upload or file upload, the subscriber shortly begins the first step. After completing the step, the subscriber is then automatically transitioned through each step accordingly, through to the end of the campaign workflow. If the Automated Campaign is set up to allow subscribers to repeat through the workflow, they can be added back to the Campaign to pass through again. Otherwise, a subscriber will be marked as having completed the Campaign and cannot go through it again if added back.

Automated Campaigns are generally set up on Transactional Mail Streams, but they are not required to be. When set up on Transactional Mail Streams, subscribers may opt out of a specific Automated Campaign, but not out of all Automated Campaigns.

Due to the more complex nature of Automated Campaigns, Questline clients are generally advised to work with their Account Manager and Technical Account Manager to set up workflows.