A campaign is the umbrella under which you group messages that are similar in intent or messaging.

In this Help Page, we'll focus on Standard Campaigns, which Engage self-service users are most likely to set up. If you have the Automation product and are looking to set up campaigns of this type yourself, please contact your Technical Account Manager for assistance. More information on Automated Campaigns can be found here.


To create a Standard Campaign, make sure that you are on the Campaigns page and then follow the steps below:

  1. Click the New Campaign button.

    Result: The Campaign Setup process displays. The page displays the first steps that you will need to complete to create a campaign: Campaign Name, Campaign Type, Select Channels, and Subscriptions.
  2. In the Campaign Name field, enter the name that you would like to assign to the campaign you are creating.

  3. Select a Campaign Type from the buttons below Campaign Name.
    NOTE: Only those campaign products you have with Questline will display in this area.

    - Standard Campaigns are generally for sending to groups of subscribers at once.
    - Automated Campaigns are set up to handle multi-step automated campaigns running continuously over time.
    - Newsletter Campaigns are for sending Questline Newsletter content out to groups of subscribers.
  4. The Select Channel(s) area only displays for Standard and Automated Campaigns. For your Standard Campaign, select the checkboxes next to the channel type(s) that you will be using to send content in this campaign: Email, SMS, and/or Fax.

    NOTE: Only options for those products your account has with Questline will appear here. You may select more than one channel type for the campaign.
  5. If you wish to attach a Standard Campaign to any existing Subscriptions (created elsewhere), type the name, or at least part of the name, in the Subscriptions field. Engage will search as you type and display any results in a dropdown for selection.

    Note: Attaching Subscriptions to a campaign is optional.
  6. After entering your name, type, channel, and subscription choices, click Save. You are returned to the Campaigns List, with your new Standard Campaign created and ready for use.