This page explains how to view the details of individual subscribers and how to make edits if needed.


To view or edit specific subscribers, follow the steps below:

  1. In the Search field, enter your search term for the subscriber and press Enter.

    Result: All of the subscribers which match the search term entered will be displayed, including name and channel information (email address, SMS number, Fax number).
  2. In the Actions column of the subscriber that you wish to view/modify, click the Edit button.
    Result: The Subscriber's Details page displays. This page shows the subscriber's basic information such as name, email address, SMS number, and fax number, as well as channel opt-in/opt-out status.
    From here, you can choose to modify or add subscriber information (detailed in the steps below), modify or add attributes, review, edit, or add List associations, or view the subscriber's activity log.
  3. To edit a subscriber's personal information, click the Edit Details button on the top right.

    Result: The Edit Subscriber Info popup window appears.
  4. Here, You can modify the subscriber's First and Last Names, email address, SMS number, Fax number, and the channel opt-in/opt-out flag for each channel.  Keep in mind the implications of editing a subscriber's record of personal information and communication choices. Do not override Subscriber's subscriptions or Opt-in status without their permission.  Click Save Changes after making your edits.

    Result: You are returned to the Subscriber screen, with the modifications to the subscriber's information displayed.

    Note: If you wish to exit without saving changes made, click Cancel.

  5. If you wish to view the Subscriptions a Subscriber is attached to, click the Subscriptions tab at the top of the Subscriber page.

    Result: The Subscriptions page appears, showing the subscriptions for your account and the subscriber's status in each.

  6. To view or edit the Attributes/Values on a subscriber, click the Attributes tab at the top of the page. For more information on the function from this point, click here.

  7. To view or edit the Lists a Subscriber is attached to, click the Lists tab at the top of the page. For more information on modifying a Subscriber's Lists, click here.