The activity log shows you the individual subscriber’s opens (including implied opens), sends, clicks, and, bounces.

Implied Opens are generated when a subscriber clicks a link in an email, but has opened the email in a way that prevents our systems from knowing that the email was opened - usually by opening the email without loading any images. When this happens, we can tell that someone opened the email, since they clicked a link within it, so we generate an Implied Open.


1. To view the individual subscriber’s activity, click the Activity tab on the top of the subscriber's detail page.

Result: The Activity Log page displays. All of the subscriber’s activities are listed. Ten activities are displayed at one time. To move through the activity pages, click the Next and Previous links or click the page number to move directly to each page. 

2. The Activity Log contains three columns of information:

  • The left column, Event, contains the name of the activity - this could be that the subscriber was sent a message, that they opened a message, clicked a link, or that a message bounced and was not delivered.

  • The middle column, Value, gives the email address/SMS number/fax number of the subscriber, the link that the subscriber clicked on, or bounce response message if an email bounced.

  • The right-hand column, Details, includes information such as the time and date of the activity, what channel it was in response to, what Standard or Automated campaign the email was a part of, and the name of the send.