When you want to look at a specific subscriber’s data or attributes, or what Lists they are part of, you first need to find the subscriber. On the Subscribers page, a Search field is located in the top left, next to the results number showing the total number of subscribers on the account.


You can search for a subscriber by subscriber key, first name, last name, email address, the first part of the email address, SMS, or fax number, or the full email address, SMS or fax number. All searches are a "begins with" search. For example, if a subscriber was John Smith and his email was JSmith@example.com, he could be found by searching for any of the following: John, Smith, jsmith, or Jsmith@example.com. Searches are case-insensitive.

  1. To search for a subscriber, enter your search term in the Search field and press Enter.  

    Result: All of the subscribers which match the search term entered will be displayed.

    Note: Only 10 results will be displayed on the page at one time. To navigate through the results, click the Previous and Next links, located beneath the results. You can also click to a specific page number by clicking on the number.
  2. If your search results do not locate the subscriber that you were looking for, the subscriber may be under a different email address, SMS/fax number, or name than the one you searched on, or the individual may not have been loaded into Engage.