The Subscribers section is used to manage subscriber records, edit or view their information and attributes, or view their history, subscriptions, opt-out preferences, and what Lists or Automated Campaigns they belong to. The Subscribers area is also where new subscribers can be added.

The Lists tab for an individual subscriber displays the Lists that the individual is assigned to.

The table displays the name of each List the Subscriber is in. If the subscriber is in more than 10 lists, they will be displayed across multiple pages; you can page through them by using the page navigation buttons below the Lists table.

Remove a Subscriber From a List

To remove a Subscriber from a List, hover your mouse over the row of the appropriate list. A circle-and-x Remove icon will appear in the right hand side of the Lists table for that row.

Click the icon, and you'll be presented with a Delete Confirmation dialog box. Here you can verify the delete request, or cancel out of it.

Add a Subscriber to a List

To add a subscriber to a List that already exists within Engage, but to which the subscriber does not currently belong, click the Add to Lists button at the top right hand side of the Lists view for the subscriber.

The Add to Lists dialogue box that follows provides you with a field when you can type part or all of the name of a List that already exists in Engage. After you type, Engage will search for any matching results and display a dropdown of selectable search results if anything matches your entry.

In the example here, we've entered "Name" in the search field, and several results have been returned for us to choose from.

After you select a List name from the dropdown, it will appear in the Lists field. You can then repeat the search and add more Lists to the Subscriber, click Save to save the changes to the Subscriber, or Cancel the changes.