Segmentation helps you define your subscribers into groups of subscribers who share common attributes. This grouping enables you to target your messaging more specifically. 


Segmentation is done on the Segmentation screen. To get to this screen, click Lists & Subscribers in the top menu bar, then Segmentation in the tabs that appear beneath.


When you click the Segmentation tab, you'll see the Segmentation screen:

This page displays a table listing all of the segments that have been created.

  • Result Count: The result count area with the text label of “Showing X of X results” lets you know where you are in the segment display listing in relation to how many segments there are, either in total or in relation to your filter criteria.

    Note: Click on the Next and Previous links or First and Last beneath the segment information table to page through the segments. The Result Count label will change as you page through. You can also click on a particular page number to jump directly to that page. The Result Count label will update accordingly.
  • Search Box: The Search box enables you to search for a particular segment by its name. You can type the desired segment name in part or in its entirety into the Search box. Press your Enter key to initiate the search. The table will display the segments matching the search criteria.

The following information is displayed in the table of Segments:

  • Segment Name:  Displays the name assigned to the segment.
  • Modified: Displays the date that the segment was last modified.
  • Created By: Displays the username of the person that created the segment.
  • Actions: When you hover over a Segment entry, three icons display in the right side of the screen representing the actions which can be taken on the segment.
    • Edit: Enables you to modify the segment. You can also Test segment size from within the edit screen.
    • Download: Enables you to download the subscriber segment as a text (.txt) file, to your Download Center. 
    • Delete: Deletes the segment. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion.


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