• Date Added to List column added to exports of subscriber Lists to show when subscriber was added to a List. 
  • Display of Subscriber Key added to Subscriber Detail screens.
  • Engage Sites: added ability to edit Page Image URL and Page Summary for use in blog or other dynamic custom microsite themes.


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  • Messaging Dashboard Delivery Rate, Open Rate, and CTOR benchmark comparisons changed from average across all clients to comparison against benchmark averages of the same utility type.
  • Leading/trailing spaces are now trimmed from subscriber attribute values upon import, save, and creation regardless of method.
  • Automated Program Dynamic Preview test sending will now filter out inactive subscribers from available preview results.
  • Leading and trailing spaces are now trimmed from the names of all entities in Engage to prevent sorting and display issues (campaigns, segments, sites, content, programs, etc)
  • Test Sends from within a Program or Campaign Send now use the Sender Profile and Mail Stream attached to the Campaign Send or Program Send Email Step.


  • Corrected browser page title for Sites / New Page screen.
  • Corrected browser page title for Content / Email page.
  • Corrected broken image links in Automated Program Welcome Series pre-populated content.
  • Minor grammatical correction on Wait Until (Day of Week) step summary text.
  • Sent Date/Time on Messaging Sends now displays appended with user’s Time Zone abbreviation for clarity.
  • Email Name restored to AP Program details on Subscriber Activity page results.
  • Correction to Template Name list column header on Sites / Template page.
  • CSS download from Preference Center now properly links to downloaded file.
  • Editing Sites content from a template using the View HTML modal now properly saves changes to the page.
  • Sites pages for Subscriber sign up and Attribute value fields on Subscriber tabs no longer truncate entered data after ampersands.
  • Attempting to cancel a campaign send that has already been deployed is no longer a valid action.
  • Improved the display of Program Send Email detail reporting when no data is yet available.
  • Improved the display of Template selection screens in the Send Wizard or Email Content creation when no templates are available.
  • Wait Until step now displays an error message if no selection is made before Save.
  • Sites' Reading Settings now select the default static page.
  • Clicks to unsubscribe links in Program Test versions of Automated Program emails are no longer treated as real unsubscribe links, and will follow pattern of Messaging Dynamic Test emails, which show a notification that the link worked, but the unsubscribe was not processed.
  • Viewing a published article from the Publication success page now opens the link in the proper article template view.
  • Bounce response messages and click URLs greater than 1000 characters are now truncated to 1000 characters in reporting to prevent database and reporting issues.

API Changes

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