• Addition of new Engage Newsletter functionality, which will allow Questline to provide Newsletter distribution products and services from the more flexible Engage platform.


  • Removal of outdated email X-Header tags previously used for internal monitoring.


  • A minor textual change to the Branding page regarding URL slugs.
  • Copying a Standard Campaign Send now follows the same naming conventions for copying Campaigns.
  • Improvement to Automated Campaign email send step reporting to increase loading speed.


  • Searches on Content pages no longer include a blank extra page of results.
  • A fix has been made to ensure that new Content articles are published properly to the Engage Content Discover page.
  • In cases where the email dispatcher fails a batch of emails due to some emails in the batch having invalid dynamic sender profile data, any successful emails within the batch are now properly recorded as Sent. For Automated Campaigns, this also means properly setting Step Completed status on the subscriber.

API Changes

  • Cache invalidation added to the article HTML endpoint whenever Branding is updated in Engage.
  • API event data endpoints now allow query by multiple event types in a single query.