Advanced Reporting for email sends are an additional product that you can purchase to add to your Engage send reporting. These metrics are unavailable on your account otherwise.

If you have added Advanced Reporting to your account, two new headings are accessible when viewing a Campaign Send Report: Email Engagement and Email Clients.

Email Engagement

The Email Engagement tab opens a view as shown below:

The Engagement Funnel at the top shows a comparison of Sent emails, Delivered emails, Unique Opens, and Unique Clicks, helping you visualize customer engagement and interaction with your send.

Below the Engagement Funnel are three circular graphs that provide insight into the amount of time spent reading this email. (Note that the middle graph is blank in the example above, as no mobile devices read this email.)

The first, Total Read Times, breaks down the percentage of readers who read, skimmed, or glanced at (or deleted immediately) the email. The second and third columns break down the data from the first graph into mobile device readers and desktop device readers.

Email Clients

The Email Clients tab opens a report showing Reading Environment and Browser Usage, as well as Email Client information.

The reporting at the top is divided into two charts. Reading Environment breaks down readership of the email into desktop email clients, webmail email clients, and Mobile device email clients. Browser Usage breaks down webmail readership by the web browser used to view the email.

Below this, the Email Clients report breaks down readership of the email by program, and where possible, version. for example, Outlook is broken down into different Outlook versions/years, and Apple iPhone is further subdivided into different iOS versions. Webmail is broken down by browser.