While you can view Campaign reporting from the Reporting page, Engage also allows you to view a list of associated sends for each campaign by drilling down from the Campaigns list. You can then drill down into Campaign Send reporting from within the Campaign.

Campaign Overview

From the Campaign Overview, click the Sends tab.

A list of all the sends will display; you can then drill down into reporting on any Sent send.

If you want to review Campaign Level Metrics, click the Overview tab instead.

Send Table

The Send table contains the following columns:

  • Result Count: The result count area with the text label of “Showing X of X results” lets you know where you are in the campaign send display listing in relation to how many sends there are, either in total or in relation to your filter criteria.

    Note: Click on the Next and Previous links beneath the send information table to page through the sends. The Result Count label will change as you page through. You can also click on a particular page number to jump directly to that page, or use the First and Last links. The Result Count label will update accordingly.

  • Filter: The Filter option lets you specify if you would like to only view sends that include a particular channel (email, SMS, or fax). You can select one filter at a time. You also have the option of Show All, which is the default choice.
  • Search Box: The Search box enables you to search for a particular send by its name. You can type the desired send name in part or in its entirety into the Search box. Press the Enter key on your keyboard to initiate the search. The Send table will display the sends matching the search criteria.
  • Send Name: This column displays the names given to all sends within the campaign. Click on the name of a send to be redirected to that send’s reporting.

    Note: Click the up/down arrow icon next to the Send Name column label to sort the sends in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order.

  • Sent: The date the send was sent.

  • Channels: This column displays the icons which depict the various send channels being used in the send. The channels icon options are as follows: email (letter); SMS (speech bubble), and fax (fax machine).

  • Actions: This unlabeled column contains one button, Report, displayed when you highlight a Campaign row, which enables you to access the campaign’s report. You can also click the Campaign name to access reporting.