The Reporting area contains all the metrics for individual sends as well as for entire campaigns. To access campaign reporting, click on the Reporting link in the top Engage menu. The Reporting page then displays. If your account has more than one product, you can click the tab for the type of Campaign you want reporting on.


On the Reporting Page, you will see a table listing campaigns. Up to 10 campaigns can be listed on the screen per page.

Information Bar

The grey bar at the top of the Reporting page contains the following information:

  • Result Count: The result count area with the text label of “Showing X of X results” lets you know where you are in the campaign display listing in relation to how many campaigns there are, either in total or in relation to your filter criteria.

    Note: Click on the page numbers, First/Last links, or Next/Previous page links at the bottom of the page to navigate through the campaigns. The Result Count label will change as you page through.
  • Channel: The filter by Channel option lets you specify if you would like to only view campaigns that include a particular channel (email, SMS, or fax). You can select one filter at a time. You also have the option of Show All, which is the default choice.
  • Search Box: The Search box enables you to search for a particular campaign by its name. You can type the desired campaign name in part or in its entirety into the Search box. Press the Enter key on your keyboard to initiate the search. The Campaign table will display the campaigns matching the search criteria.

Campaign Table

The Campaign table contains the following information.

  • Campaign Name: This column displays the names of campaigns, whether paged to, filtered to, or searched for. Click on the name of a campaign to be redirected to that campaign’s report.

    Note: Click the up/down arrow icon next to the Campaign Name column label to sort the campaigns in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order.
  • Last Sent: This column displays the date that the campaign was last sent to.

    Note: Click the up/down arrow icon next to the Last Sent column label to sort the campaigns by most recently sent to or least recently sent to.

  • Channels: This column displays the icons which depict the various send channels being used in the campaign. The channel icons are as follows: email (letter), SMS (speech bubble), and fax (fax machine).
  • Actions: This unlabeled column contains one button, Report, displayed when you highlight a Campaign row, which enables you to access the campaign’s report. You can also click the Campaign name to access reporting.

For information on the Campaign Report itself, see Reporting: Individual Campaign.