Engage allows for easy reuse of subscriber audiences across multiple Campaign Sends and Campaigns both using Lists. Rather than uploading an audience to each individual Campaign, requiring repeat import across multiple or repeated Campaigns, Engage allows users to upload subscribers to stored Lists which can then be easily attached to new Sends. Lists can be used for Standard or Newsletter Campaigns.

To start working with Lists, log into Engage and click Lists & Subscribers on the top menu bar.

Result: The Lists & Subscribers page then displays, defaulting to Lists.

From here, you can add new Lists, download existing Lists, edit the name or membership of existing Lists, or delete existing Lists. Attaching a List to a send takes place in the Campaign Send wizard - for more information, see Campaigns: Create a Send.

A table displaying the lists you've already created displays on this screen. The table includes two columns - List Name and Subscribers. By default, the display is sorted by List Name, but you can click the up/down arrows next to the two column headings to sort by that value,toggling between ascending or descending.

Above the table of Lists is a display of the number of Lists existing for your account. If there are more Lists existing than can be fit on screen, page navigation arrows will appear at the bottom of the page. You can also search for Lists by name using the Search box.


Adding New Lists

  1. To add a new List to Engage, click the New List button in the top right of the Lists page.

    The first page of the New List wizard is displayed.

  2. In the List Name field, enter the name you want attached to the subscriber list you're uploading. This will be the name you select an audience by in the Campaign Send wizard.

    Once you've added a name, click Next.

    Result: The Setup step of the New List wizard is displayed.

    (Alternately, if you want to pause here and finish the List creation later, you can click Save & Exit. Or, you can click Cancel to exit the process entirely.)

  3. On this page, you can select the import options to use. Your first choice is whether to import the subscribers in the file you provide just to the List, or to the List and to one or more Automated Campaigns (if you have this product from Questline).

    After that, you are provided with three import options - Add Only, Add & Update, or Overwrite. These are the 3 standard options on all imports.

    • Add Only will add any new subscribers from your file not already existing in Engage, and attach all subscribers in the file to the List, whether existing in Engage already or not. However, if your file contains updated information for existing subscribers, their information will not be updated - they will merely be added to the list.

    • Add & Update will add any new subscribers from your file to Engage, and to the List; any subscribers in your file already existing in Engage will be added to the List, and any information changes between their current values and your file will be processed for these subscribers.

    • Overwrite can be skipped over when importing a brand new list, as there are no current members of the list to be overwritten. We advise selecting Add Only or Add & Update.

  4. Once you have selected the appropriate options for your import, click Next to move to the next screen. (Alternately, click Back to return to the previous screen.)

    Result: The Upload List screen is displayed.

  5. On the Upload List screen, click Select File.

    A system window appears allowing you to select a file from your computer.
  6. Browse to the location where you have stored the subscriber file that you wish to upload, select the file, and click Open.

    Result: The file will be uploaded so that initial file mapping and subscriber import can occur.

  7. In the File Format dropdown, select the type of file you are importing. Note that Engage allows for various file formats to be imported.

  8. Using the checkboxes, select whether the imported file has Column Headers, and whether the system should email you with a notification when the import is completed.

    Note: By default, an email will be sent to you as notification that the import is finished. The email will include List/Automated Campaign names and file names as well as the number of subscribers added, updated, and the number of errors. Any errors will be detailed in an attachment.

  9. Click Next.

    Result: The Column Mapping screen appears.
  10. In this wizard step, you have the ability to match columns for the file that you uploaded to available subscriber attributes. Engage will attempt to auto-map any column that matches the name of an attribute already existing in the system, but there may be some columns that require manual mapping to be imported. For each column in the file, Engage will load the value from the first row as an example to assist with mapping.
  11. To map an attribute to the global attribute list, click Map to next to the attributes name, and then select an attribute from the dropdown, or select Nothing (Skip) or New Column. If you select New Column, you are provided with a text field where you can enter a new column/attribute name.
  12. After you have completed mapping or skipping all of the fields in the attribute list, click Start Upload.  Engage will being importing the file you have provided to an Engage list. If you left the option as defaulted, you will be sent an email when the import completes. After that, the List will be available for selection for Campaign Sends.


Editing List Name or Subscribers

Once a list has been created and uploaded, you can edit the List Name or change the list membership by uploading a new file. To make either choice, hover your mouse over the row containing the list you want to modify. to the right of the Subscribers column, four icons will appear.

Right to left, these represent Edit List Name, Upload Subscribers, Download, and Delete.

If you want to rename the List, click the first icon, Edit List Name. A List Name dialog box will display.
Enter a new name and click Save Changes to rename the list, or click Cancel to exit the dialog box.

If you want to change the membership of a List, click the second icon, Upload Subscribers.

A List Upload wizard will then begin, similar to how you imported a file for the List when you first created it. You will be prompted to select how to handle the import, and whether to Add, Add & Update, or Overwrite.

Add: Any new subscribers in the file will be added to Engage and to the List. Subscribers already in Engage but not on the list will be added to the List, but without updating their saved attributes with any new information from the file being uploaded.

Add & Update: Any new subscribers in the file will be added to Engage and to the List. Any subscribers in the file already existing in Engage will be added to the list, if not already on the list, and their information updated to match the contents of the file.

Overwrite: This option will erase the entire membership of the List and replace it with the contents of the file being uploaded.

Download a List

To download the membership of a list to a tab-delimited .txt file, click the Download icon (the third icon). Engage will process the download and save the file to your Download Center. When your download is complete, you will receive an email notification with a link to the Download Center.


Delete a List

To delete a list, click the Delete icon - the fourth in the list.

You will be prompted with a Delete Confirmation dialog box. You'll have to verify that you want to delete the List to go ahead with the deletion. Or, you can click Cancel to exit.