Newsletter Email Template Choices

Newsletter emails can be emailed to readers in one of multiple templates used to brand your Newsletter. Newsletters come in several Families, each with multiple Layouts available in each.

There are three Families of Newsletter templates: Basic, Framed, and Top Bar.
Each template Family has three Layouts: Default, Hero, or Grid.

When used for a Newsletter, a Template inherits the Branding choices made for the Newsletter Campaign. Branding is set on the Engage Branding screen, and allows for customization of:

  • Logo image
  • Primary color
  • Link color
  • Button color
  • Background color
  • Footer text (Disclaimer, Copyright, and Mailing Address)

Basic templates display the content on a background color.

Framed templates display the content in a framed area over a background color.

Top Bar templates display a color bar across the top of the template.

Newsletter Article Web Pages

The template selected for the Newsletter email also drives the layout for the web page used to display the full Articles linked from the Newsletter. Each web page layout is similar to the matching Newsletter template.