Engage includes a default preference center that can be used by your customers to manage their subscription preferences and to opt-out of future communications. This preference center can be customized to display appropriate branding, colors and text to ensure a consistent brand experience for your customers. (Advanced customization beyond what is discussed below requires a custom preference center, and the use of the separate Engage Sites product from Questline.)

To customize your preference center, follow the steps below:

Customizing the Preference Center

  1. Click the Account Settings (gear) icon on the top menu bar, then click on Preference Center.

    Result: The Preference Center management screen appears, defaulted to the Manage tab. From here, you can Customize the Preference Center or handle Subscriptions for use by the preference center. First, we'll handle customization.

  2. To add a logo to the top left corner of your preference center, select the Browse button in the Logo & Styles area, and in the dialog box that follows, locate the file you would like to upload on your computer. After you have selected the file on your computer, click Open to upload the file. You can also add a Logo URL as a link to take a user to your homepage if they click the Logo image.

    Note: The maximum size for your logo image is a width of 300 pixels. The image should be .png, .gif, or .jpg in format.
  3. You have the option of adding a cascading style sheet (CSS) to your preference center. To do this, you can either enter your CSS into the box provided or you can upload a CSS file by clicking on the Browse button under CSS and locating the file on your computer. After you have located the file, click Open and the file will be uploaded.

    You can also download any current style sheet saved to the Preference Center using the Download Style Sheet link, or clear the CSS from the Preference Center with the Clear Custom Styles link.
  4. You have the ability to customize portions of the text displayed on the preference center. You can change the text to reflect your brand voice and provide adequate instruction for your customers to use the Preference Center. To customize the text, enter text in the following boxes:
    • Page Title:  Text places in this box becomes the large bold headline on the Preference Center page.

    • Welcome Text: The text entered here displays beneath the page’s headline. It serves to welcome and instruct the customer on how to use the preference center.
    • Privacy Policy: The text entered here will be accessed by a link in the footer of the preference center. It is recommended that you explain to customers how you plan to use their contact information and communication preferences in a thorough privacy policy. 
  5. To preview the preference center, click the Preview button in the top right corner of the page. Be sure to save your changes first, using the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

Managing Subscriptions

Subscriptions work in conjunction with your site/preference center to allow subscribers to opt out of several related campaigns simultaneously.

  1. To manage Subscriptions, click the Subscriptions at the top of the Preference Center page.

    Result:  The Subscriptions window appears, showing all existing Subscriptions in a table.

    Above the table, on the right, is a button to create a New Subscription. The table itself shows columns for Subscription Name, Modified Date, and Actions for existing Subscriptions.
    Available actions for existing Subscriptions are Edit and Delete. 
    • Edit - opens a new window allowing you to edit the name of the Subscription and the campaigns attached to the Subscription.
    • Delete - Asks you to verify whether or you want to delete the Subscription.

  2. To create a new Subscription, click New Subscription.

    Result: The New Subscription dialog box appears.

  3. Enter a Subscription Name to represent your Subscription within Engage.

  4. Click in the Associated Campaigns field. To select Campaigns to attach to a Subscription, Enter part or all of a Campaign name to return search results. Click in the returned search results to select a Campaign to attach. You can repeat the process to attach multiple campaigns.

    Note: You can remove campaigns from the Subscription by clicking the small X next to their names.

  5. Click Save to save your Subscription.

    Result: Your new Subscription appears in the Subscriptions list.

    Note: You can also click Cancel to exit without creating your Subscriptions.