By default, Engage Content articles Published to Engage Sites are automatically branded using the logo image uploaded within the Branding section, available from the Account Settings menu ('gear' icon) at the top menu of all Engage windows.

When you click the Branding link in this menu, Engage will display the Branding page.


Within Branding, you can import a logo image for your company by uploading a png, gif, or jpg file from your computer. The image must be 300px in width or smaller. This same logo will be used across various Engage applications where branding is applied such as within email templates in Engage.

You can also set HTML colors for text, links, buttons, and page background from this area of the Branding page.

Lower down on this page, you can set links to Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube for your company, as well as text footers. If the Content template you publish to includes these, it will pull the links or text from your Branding.