An FTP profile is used to define a secure FTP site for use when transferring files to and from your Engage account. FTP Profiles are used with the Scheduled Import and Scheduled Export features. FTP Profiles require the use of SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) to ensure protection of your customer data. SFTP sites can be set up and maintained by either your corporate IT staff or Questline technical staff. For assistance in establishing an FTP site hosted by Questline, contact your Account Manager.


  1. Click the Accounts Settings (gear) icon, then click Data Transfer. On the Data Transfer page, click the FTP Profiles tab.

    Result: The FTP Profiles page displays.
  2. All of the FTP Profiles created are listed in the table. The following information is shown for each profile:

    FTP Name: Displays the name given to the FTP profile.

    Host Name: Displays the host URL of the FTP site.

    User Name: Displays the name of the user with permission to transfer files.

    Actions: Displays buttons which denote the actions that can be taken on FTP profiles. 

         Edit: Allows you to modify the FTP profile’s information.

         Copy: Allows you to copy the FTP profile.  

         Delete: Allows you to delete the FTP profile. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion. 

  3. On the FTP Profiles page, click the New Profile button.

    Result: The new FTP Profile page displays. 
  4. In the Profile Name field, enter a descriptive name for the profile.

    Note: This will appear in the drop-down selection when setting up a new data import or export job.

  5. In the Host Name field, enter the URL/address of the FTP site that Engage will be connecting to.

  6.  In the User Name field, enter the name of the FTP user with permission to transfer files.

  7. In the Password field, enter the password value that will be used to transfer files.

  8. In the Confirm Password field, reenter the password value.

  9. In the Port field, enter the port required for the FTP site.

    Note: Typically, SFTP sites use port 22.

  10. To verify that the Engage system can connect to the FTP site, click the Test Connection button.

  11. To save the profile information entered, click Save Changes. Or click Cancel to exit without saving.