The Data Transfer area enables you to set up FTP profiles as well as schedule imports and exports of data. Imports and exports can be scheduled to run one time or set to run on a regular schedule. 

Scheduled Exports are used to export event data, subscriber information or self-registered subscribers from the Engage application so that you can better monitor your subscriber data. You can also use this feature to regularly sync or feed the information back to your CRM or CIS system.

Subscriber Data Exports

During the Export wizard for Subscriber Data, you'll be presented with a dialogue box for export options.

You can choose to exports subscribers with several filters - all subscribers, or just those for a specific List,in a specific Subscription, or opted out of a Subscription. NOTE: A subscriber in the Account is assumed to be in a Subscription unless they have specifically opted out from it.


  1. If you selected to export Subscribers rather than Event data, the Subscriber Export page displays. At first, it is set to filter by All Subscribers.

    You can also select to filter by Specific List, Specific Subscription, or Specific Subscription Opt-Outs.
  2. If you select Specific List, Specific Subscription, or Specific Subscription Opt-Outs, you will be provided another dropdown in which to select a List or Subscription.
  3. In the Attributes field, select the attributes that you would like to export. To do this, start typing the attribute name in the field and a list will display of the attributes containing the word that you entered. Select the desired attributes. To delete an attribute that you selected, click the X next to its name.

    Note: Each report type includes specific columns/attributes by default.

    All Subscribers export: Key, First Name, Last Name, Email, SMS, Fax, and global opt out values (True or False) for each of the three communication channels.

    Specific List export: Same as above, with List settings values as well.

    Specific Subscription exports: Same as All Subscribers export, with channel opt out information as well.
  4. If you would like to export the data as a .zip file, click the Export as .zip file checkbox.
  5. To save and begin the scheduled export, click Save & Exit.