The Data Transfer area enables you to set up FTP profiles as well as schedule imports and exports of data. Imports and exports can be scheduled to run one time or set to run on a regular schedule. 

Scheduled Exports are used to export event data, subscriber information or self-registered subscribers from the Engage application so that you can better monitor your subscriber data. You can also use this feature to regularly sync or feed the information back to your CRM or CIS system.

Event Data

If you selected to export Event Data when creating an export, the Event Data Export page displays, with checkboxes allowing you to select what Event data to export for the previously selected interval.  


  1. Select the Events that you want to export:
    • email send
    • email open
    • email bounce
    • email click
    • email spam report
    • email opt outs
    • SMS send
    • SMS delivered
    • SMS opt out
    • fax send

      You can select as many options as you would like.

      Note: If you would like to delete an option after you have selected it, uncheck the checkbox.

  2.  If you would like to export the data as a .zip file, click the Export as .zip file checkbox.

  3. To save the scheduled export and start it running, click Save & Exit.