If you have Standard Campaigns as a feature on your account and have sent any emails, the Most Recent Standard Campaign Email Send area is at the bottom left of the Dashboard page.


The information displayed in this area relates to your most recent email send as follows:

  • Most Recent Email Send name: The Email Send name displays in the Header bar.
  • View Report button: You can click this button to be redirected to the reporting page for the Email Send.
  • Total Clicks: The Total Clicks line displays the total number of clicks for the most recent email send. This is not unique clicks, simply total clicks.
  • Opened: The Opened line displays the total opens for the most recent email send as a percentage. This percentage does not represent unique opens, but rather the total opens for this email send.
  • Delivered: The Delivered line displays the percentage of emails delivered out of the total number of emails that were sent in the most recent email send. 
  • Opt Outs: The Opt Outs line displays the number of users who opted out of the most recent email send.