The Messages page has several tabs across the top which relate to the various message types: Email, SMS, Fax, and Templates. The Templates tab relates to emails only. Depending on your account features, you may not see all of these tabs.


Each tab contains much of the same functionality available via icons on the page.

  • Thumbnails: When browsing Email messages or Templates, the messages are displayed in a table of thumbnail images. Up to 12 images are displayed per page. Hover over an individual thumbnail image to display a listing of options.
    • Edit: Click this button or the paper/pencil icon to modify the message or template.

    • Preview: The eye icon opens the Preview function.  Click this icon to display the message in a new window, showing how the HTML appears when sent.
    • Copy: Click the "two papers" icon to copy the selected message to a new message. The new message will be named “Copy of (name of original message)”.
    • Delete: Click the trashcan icon to delete the message.

  • List View: SMS and Fax messages are displayed by name, not thumbnail, in the form of a list. Up to 12 messages can be displayed at one time. Use the Previous and Next links to move through pages of messages. The List View contains a table with the following information: 
    • Content Name
    • Modified Date
    • Action icons: Hovering over the row of a specific message displays a set of icons allowing you to perform actions on the selected message - Edit, Copy, and Delete, working as described up above.

Additionally, the tabs for all message types have the following functions available:

  • Sort: This dropdown allows you to sort by Content Name or Date Modified. Choosing the same option a second time will reverse the sort results.
  • Search Box: Enables you to search for messages by name. You can type the desired message name in part or in its entirety into the Search box. Press your Enter key to initiate the search. Messages matching the search criteria will display.

  • New Message: New Email, New Fax, New SMS, or New Template. This displays a page where the user can begin creating a new message of the selected type.