Templates are created so you can use the same email content and layout for multiple email messages. To create, modify, or delete email templates, click on the Messages link at the top of Engage, then select the Templates tab.


The Templates tab shows any existing email templates in small preview thumbnails, just like email messages on the Email tab are displayed.

You can choose Sort to sort by Content Name or Date Modified, in either ascending or descending order using the Sort option.

You can search for templates by name using the search box to the right of the Sort options.

Hovering over an template record in the list shows several options: Edit, Preview, Copy, and Delete.

  • Edit will open the template for editing.

  • Preview will open the template in a new browser window for you to view the details.
  • Copy allows you to create a copy of an existing template record for subsequent editing and resaving. By default, the copy is named "Copy Of [parent record name]".
  • Delete allows you to delete the template, but requires you to verify your selection first.

From the Templates page, you can choose to add a New Template by pasting HTML or by uploading an HTML file. You can also edit, copy, delete, or test templates.